We Guarantee the Highest Payouts and Best Service in NYC.

All-American Scrap Metal is a new arising star within the Scrap Metal industry. We recognize the needs of trade workers, business owners and the like. We are here to facilitate the process of turning your Scrap Metal into cash by providing you with our exceptional service where we come to you, weigh and pay top dollar on site. This will allow you to save on expense and increase your cash flow with minimal effort. With our vast network of buyers who offer us dealer prices and our ability to control cost we are able to pass along these benefits too all of our customers. With that being said, customer satisfaction is our top priority, not just the first time you use our service but everytime. If you are looking for the highest payouts, consistency, reliability and friendly service, look no more because that is what All-American Scrap Metal is about!


We take great pride in what we do. All Metals that we purchase are a finite resource in which in the long run can eventually be depleted as economies keep expanding. We contribute to the sustainability of non-ferrous metal resources by taking a role within the recycling process where items that were in use are purchased and then resold to the right enterprises that will get those resources ready for reuse in a socially responsible way. This significantly reduces the need for traditional mining. In result recycling scrap metal provides green jobs for Americans, protects the environment, promotes sustainability, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy than making metal from virgin ore. Therefore recycling in a world where needs and wants are constantly growing provides more economic benefits and less social costs compared to other alternatives. That is why we truly love this business. This aids all mankind in getting the most out of all the worlds resources in the most sensible way and keeps us heading down the road to further prosperity.




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The All-American Way.